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After spending my first semester of college at home on Zoom, I decided that I should make the effort to join some clubs at Berkeley… even if they were online. At the time, school felt like a faraway, intangible thing, and I felt completely disconnected from Cal’s community. As I was perusing the many clubs offered, Her Campus caught my eye because of the organization’s emphasis on a female-based community. It seemed welcoming, and for someone who felt stuck in limbo, it seemed like a safe haven — somewhere to finally settle. 

Once I joined the club, I found myself pleasantly surprised at every turn. I was nervous to join my first club in college, but my worries and fears were left unfounded. At the first general meeting, I entered the Zoom meeting, heart pounding and hands starting to break into a nervous sweat, only to find the execs and returning members having a passionate discussion about Gossip Girl. And that’s how I knew that everything was going to be OK. 

Everyone is so genuinely welcoming and supportive, and I was able to assimilate into the club quickly and effortlessly. I enjoy writing for a female-based college community about my own experiences as a female college student, and in turn, I also love reading about other people’s eerily similar or intriguingly different stories. With online college, I felt immensely disconnected, but Her Campus helped me start to build connections through written words. In this casual and comfortable environment, I got my first taste of community at Berkeley. 

My friend and I at our HCND photoshoot!
Ashley Cavuto

As a Her Campus writer, we are encouraged to write about pretty much anything we want (within reason, of course). This room for creativity often sparks a lot of diverse and interesting content. I’m able to express myself freely and write about topics that I care about. Not to mention, reading other people’s articles exposes me to so many different ideas and perspectives.

For me, Her Campus was a lifeline during a lonely online semester. It’s truly a wonderful community and a safe space for expression, free of judgment and full of support. I mean it when I say there’s a place in Her Campus for anyone. Applications are now live and are due on 9/2 at 11:59 p.m. PT! 

Karen Li

UC Berkeley '24

Karen is a sophomore studying computer science. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, reading, journaling, hanging out with her dog, and binging TV shows. She strives to reach others through her writing and hopes to write meaningful pieces that someone, somewhere can relate to or learn from.
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