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As the weather is getting colder and your never-ending stack of readings is piling even higher, I think we are all looking for a cozy place to sip our hot chocolates and crack open our books. Whether you’re behind on class reading (like me—shhh don’t tell) or if you’re simply looking to start that novel that’s been sitting on your nightstand for far too long, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite places to read at UC Berkeley. 

Morrison Library

Take a left upon entering the main doors of Doe, and you’re in the right place! This technology-free library is a great place to stay focused and flip through those pages. Bring your own book or peruse their diverse selection of novels, poetry, and magazines. Be careful not to fall asleep on the comfy sofas! 

Memorial Glade 

Depending on the day, the glade is typically one of campus’s more lively spots. That being said, it is always a nice place to lay out in the sun, relax, and read a good book. Just watch out for any stray spike balls or even Quidditch balls!

Faculty Glade 

Also known as 4.0 Hill, Faculty Glade is one of the most peaceful spots on campus. This is one of my favorite spots to read poetry while eating a snack on the grass. It’s always easy to find a shady spot and get to work. 

Ishi Court 

Ishi Court is a courtyard located on Level D of Dwinelle Hall. Ishi Court provides students with a fairly isolated space, away from the bustling activity on campus or the tabling on Sproul. With my pencil in hand, I love to read on the benches in between classes. 

Free Speech Movement Café

If you prefer reading amongst the white noise of your peers, FSM Café is the go-to spot. Grab a coffee and a panini, and you’re ready to crack open that course reader. Invite some friends or classmates, too!

Thalia Colarian

UC Berkeley '24

Thalia is a sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in English and minoring in Armenian Studies. When she’s not reading or writing, you can catch her binging the newest series on Netflix, blasting Taylor Swift’s entire discography on repeat, or on a battery-draining phone call with her sister. Thalia is passionate about writing in whatever form possible; her favorite things to write include poetry, short fiction, and personal essays. Her Campus allows Thalia the creative freedom to explore her interests on paper and grow as a writer.
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