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Study Breaks Are Just As Important As Studying

Study breaks are just as important as studying!


Since finals are right around the corner, everyone’s stress is through the roof. It’s almost time for the Holidays and for some it’s almost time to go home! Dealing with finals right now is difficult and can give us anxiety and even depression, so it’s important to take care of yourself. Study, study, study but remember to take breaks too. If there’s anything I’ve learned now that I’m in my senior year here at Cal, it’s that those extra hours or time I spent stressed and frustrated forcing myself to understand something I couldn’t, doesn’t actually help. What I’ve realized though, is taking a break and coming back to the material later, does.


Sometimes the easiest things like going outside for some air, taking a walk, or even a nap are the things we forget. However, they are some of the most useful methods to recharge ourselves and our brain to begin studying again. Here are some of the useful methods I’ve found to help me cope with the stress and anxiety finals season unpacks.

1. Go to the gym! RSF is a great place to go. It’s especially nice to see that you are not the only student taking a break from studying, and it’s good to be in an environment that isn’t only students looking at their laptops. Even if you can’t make it all the way to RSF, just go outside! Enjoy the day and the weather, walk or run, anything to release the stress.

2. Make some food/snacks. Sometimes when I’m stressed or just need a little break I go to the kitchen and make some food. It’s a break from my studying but you are also staying productive because you need to eat!

3. Clean up your room, around your apartment, or dorm. If you have a mess in your room or around you, it can be distracting... But it can also be a good way for you to get a break in! This will help you exert some energy on something other than finals and then you will be able to start back up in a more tidy fashion.

4. Meditate. Sometimes all it takes is some stretching or yoga moves for all you yogis out there. Just taking a pause, trying to clear your mind, and taking a few breaths can make all the difference.


Incorporating some of the following practices into your schedule will help you study even better. I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to unwind and make yourself take a break after the frustration and stress. But doing so will only help you obtain that much more information and in a more relaxed and successful way!


Arianna Ruiz

UC Berkeley '19

I am a graduating senior at UC Berkeley majoring in Media Studies. I'm passionate about journalism, and interested in both print and broadcast. I enjoy music festivals, Disneyland and binge watching my favorite movies/Netflix shows.
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