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Songs to Unleash Your Inner Badass

Want a reminder of how amazing you are while feeling empowered? Then behold your new playlist! It is important to love yourself and know that you are one of a kind in the best way.


1) Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey - Don’t Call Me Angel

Imagine, three empowering and beautiful singers with just as empowering and beautiful voices join forces to create a work of art. This is the song. 


2) Ariana Grande - 7 rings

Another hit song by Ariana Grande, this is the perfect song to blast while feeling empowered. And no, you do not need seven rings.


3) Taylor Swift ft. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco - ME!

Want a reminder that you are awesome and that there truly is no one else like you? This song is for you.  



4) Little Mix ft. Nicki Minaj - Woman like me

With an upbeat chorus, this song is a reminder to be unapologetic.


5) Selena Gomes & The Scene - Who Says

While this song came out eight years ago, it still remains a great song to jam out to and continues to be a fresh reminder that you are good enough no matter what anyone else says. 


6) Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire

What better way to feel like a badass than to know that you are on fire? 


7) Sia - Unstoppable 

Although this one may not be the happiest of songs, the chorus is definitely inspirational. No matter what you are dealing with, you are powerful and invincible. Aka a badass.

Brianna Astorga

UC Berkeley '21

Brianna is a senior at UC Berkeley studying Media Studies and Sociology. She loves binge watching shows on Netflix, reading fantasy novels, and is obsessed with Taylor Swift's latest album.
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