A Single Gal's Guide to Surviving (And Maybe Even Enjoying) Valentine's Day

We’ve all been there. Walking past the never-ending wall of heart-shaped chocolates, little teddy bears, and Valentine’s Day cards in the supermarket. All you want to do is get some groceries, but you can’t help but be reminded that it is February, the month all single girls fear. It is filled with your friends gushing over their boyfriend setting up the most heartfelt dates or giving them the sweetest gifts. However – fear not – the 14th of February no longer has to be dreaded. Use these unique tips and activity ideas to make Valentine’s Day a fun and exciting day to be excited about!

  • Make it a Personal Pamper a Day: Valentine's Day revolves around love, so what better way to spend it than loving yourself? Come home from work, run a bath, pour yourself a refreshing glass of wine (or juice if you’re under 21), and pamper yourself with a lavish stay-at-home spa day. Just spend the day doing whatever it is your heart desires ‒ and don’t feel guilty for it. Order take out or binge-watch every episode of Sex and the City’s third season. DO whatever it is that makes you happy!
  • Organize a Day for Friends: Who needs a boyfriend/girlfriend when you have best friends? Grab all of your closet single friends and organize a group activity to entertain everyone. Go bowling, watch a movie, have a sleepover, or simply eat a bunch of delicious food. February 14th is a full day of endless possibilities, so make the most of it with the people you love!
  • Throw a Party: Grooving on the dance floor, surrounded by a huge group of fun people: a party is a great way to have hours of unlimited fun! Turn your house into a fun gathering place for a bunch of people to forget about the world for a few hours and simply enjoy the presence of other friends. Valentine’s Day who?
  • Give back: Rather than mope around the house, wallowing in your tragic single status, arrange to spend the day volunteering at a pet shelter or helping your grandmother clean out her garage. Giving back will put things into perspective –  make you realize that there is SO much more to life than Valentine’s Day. Boost your mood and do something good.
  • Treat Valentine’s Day like any Other Ordinary Day: Who says you need a significant other on this particular day? It’s just another date on the calendar, so treat it like one.  Wake up, shower, go to school, come home, eat some dinner, watch a bit of television, and then go to sleep. Let go of the “norms” that society forces upon you. You do you!