Sick of Campus Food? Where to Use Your Cal1Card

On occasion, we run out of spending money and live off of as little as possible. That’s the epitome of college finances but if you have funds left in your Cal1Card and are getting too bored of campus cuisine, check out these places.

1. SF Soup Kitchen

This chain is conveniently located right outside of campus on Bancroft. For quick warm soup or a large salad portion, come here! 

2. Blondie’s Pizza

Another favorite of students, it may come as a surprise to you that Blondie’s takes Cal1.

3. Chipotle

For those of us with Chipotle addictions, it makes life easy to grab and go for a meal between classes. 

4. Berkeley Thai House 

Though this is not as close to campus as the other three options, it’s decent Asian food especially for those who may need an Asian fix, time to time.