Profile: Wendy Lin

Name: Wendy Lin

Age: 18

Academic year: Freshman

Major: Nutrition Science

What are the most valuable events that have happened since you've been in college? The most valuable events that have happened to me so far are joining my sorority Tri-Delta and my dance team Identity X. I've met so many amazing people through these two organizations that have made college memorable and worthwhile.

What do you love most about dancing? I love that dancing allows me to express myself in a way that words cannot. I love the thrill of being on stage and performing my heart out. I love the feeling of pure bliss and losing myself that dance gives me.

Which places do you frequently go to most? ShareTea cause boba is lyfeee. And Doe Library because I'm a nerd

What or who makes you the happiest? Dancing, hanging out with my sorority sisters and teammates, and my special someone (:

Favorite song (at the moment): Kiss the Rain-Yiruma

Favorite type of boba: Regular milk tea with boba, passion fruit green tea with rainbow jelly, or taro/passion fruit slush! I can't pick just one (: