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Post Malone: The Ultimate Simping Playlist

We all have sad girl hours involving laying in our bed while snacking on unhealthy food and crying to our simping playlist. While there are plenty of solid Spotify playlists for these times, there is always one artist that trumps the others: Post Malone.

Post Malone, otherwise known as Posty, is one of my favorite artists and he has produced songs for every one of my moods – sad, chill, hyped, you name it. But my favorite songs from him are the more melancholic songs. These are some of the songs I compiled into an all-Posty simping playlist. 

#1: Better Now

This song encompasses every thought you have after a breakup and see your ex with his/her new lover. Post sings about still having feelings for her and believing she still has feelings for him.

#2: Stay

This is my all-time favorite song from Post Malone. It explores the struggles in maintaining a relationship with a girl. It is my favorite song because you can hear the vulnerability and brokenness in his voice despite the beautiful melody.

#3: I Fall Apart

Post pours his heart out in this song, repeating many times that he was caught off guard when the love of his life ended their relationship. It is the epitome of heartbreak, so if a boy just ruined your life this should be your go-to song.

broken heart on a string with black background
Kelly Sikkema

#4: Allergic

This is one of the more upbeat songs from Post’s recent album Hollywood’s Bleeding but it ironically expresses a more somber message about toxic relationships. He even equates his lover to a demon, to which many people can probably relate.

#5: Take What You Want

I really like this song off Post’s new album even though it is not as popular as the others. It features Ozzy Osbourne, who sings with Post about girls who broke their hearts.

#6: Hollywood’s Bleeding

Although this song is not about an ex-lover, Post’s voice is hopeless and sad about not receiving calls and people not taking the time to get to know him. It also happens to be a catchy song that I can never get out of my head after I listen to it.

#7: Goodbyes

This song reminds me of Stay and is also one of my favorites. It features Young Thug, who raps about trying to reconnect with a girl while Post sings about trying to remove a girl from his life. The contrast between Post’s singing and Young Thug’s rapping perfectly represents the tug-of-war we play when we try to remove someone from our life but also want them back.

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