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I LOVE picnics. Dessert picnics, savory picnics, brunch picnics, it doesn’t matter—I love them all! I want to share my tips for bringing your picnic game to the next level.

To me, the most important part of a picnic is the location. I like to pick a flat, open area. Sunny, but not too sunny is ideal. Most days, your backyard or your local park will suffice, but driving to a scenic location, possibly by the water or to a botanical garden, will vastly improve the experience. 

Next, you need adequate supplies; nothing fancy, but I like to go for cute and comfortable. Your picnic blanket can make or break a cute picnic photo, so opt for either a solid, pastel-colored blanket or a patchwork quilt. Investing in a picnic blanket that is water-resistant will make picnic time so much more comfortable on wet grass. 

As for the food, I like to stick to a theme. Sometimes, I’ll stick to classic desserts, and other times I’ll go with savory: mini sandwiches, pasta salad, and your favorite chips always taste delicious. Or if you’re feeling super adventurous, try color coordinating your food or arranging a cute charcuterie board.

Thalia Colarian

UC Berkeley '24

Thalia is a sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in English and minoring in Armenian Studies. When she’s not reading or writing, you can catch her binging the newest series on Netflix, blasting Taylor Swift’s entire discography on repeat, or on a battery-draining phone call with her sister. Thalia is passionate about writing in whatever form possible; her favorite things to write include poetry, short fiction, and personal essays. Her Campus allows Thalia the creative freedom to explore her interests on paper and grow as a writer.
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