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Optimize Your Learning Style

As dead week approaches, you may or may not find it beneficial to figure out your learning style so you can place your efforts to where they are best suited.

The standard for learning styles include visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. Here are some helpful questions to help determine where you are on the spectrum of learning styles, as well as some tactics.


Would you rather

  1. read notes and look at diagrams and illustrations

  2. have someone ask you questions/repeat the facts silently to yourself?

  3. Write things out on index cards and make models or diagrams


What you see the word “d-o-g”, what do you do first?

  1. Think of a picture of a dog

  2. Say the word to yourself silently

  3. Sense the feeling of being with a dog


What is the most distracting for you when you are trying to concentrate?

  1. Visual

  2. Noises

  3. Other sensations


If you chose mostly 1’s, you may be a visual learner, who are most likely to use the phrases “show me” or “let’s read it.”

If you chose 2’s, you may have an auditory learning style, who are most likely to use the phrase “tell me” or “let’s talk it over.”

If you chose 3’s, you may have a kinesthetic learning style, who are most likely to use the phrase, “let me try.”


Here are some tips for each type of learning style.


A. Visual Learners

-make and look at charts and graphics and show relationships visually

-spend more time reading the material

-highlight and color code notes

-chalkboard important information


B. Auditory Learners

-read the info aloud or to yourself

-teach the info to another person

-tape lectures and record your voice for reviewing material and listen


C. Kinesthetic Learners

-build models

-envision a scene in which material learned is being used


Melody A. Chang

UC Berkeley '19

As a senior undergraduate, I seek out all opportunities that expand my horizons, with the aim of developing professionally and deepening my vision of how I can positively impact the world around me. While most of my career aims revolve around healthcare and medicine, I enjoy producing content that is informative, engaging, and motivating.  In the past few years, I have immersed myself in the health field through working at a private surgical clinic, refining my skills as a research assistant in both wet-lab and clinical settings, shadowing surgeons in a hospital abroad, serving different communities with health-oriented nonprofits, and currently, exploring the pharmaceutical industry through an internship in clinical operations.  Career goals aside, I place my whole mind and soul in everything that I pursue whether that be interacting with patients in hospice, consistently improving in fitness PR’s, tutoring children in piano, or engaging my creativity through the arts. Given all the individuals that I have yet to learn from and all the opportunities that I have yet to encounter in this journey, I recognize that I have much room and capacity for growth. Her Campus is a platform that challenges me to consistently engage with my community and to simultaneously cultivate self-expression. 
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