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Lacy trim. Ribbon bows. Baby pink. To me, hyper-feminine fashion embodies an aura of carefree girlhood and bright femininity. Through curated clothing and accessories, it celebrates the playfulness, romance, and elegance of being a woman. In the modern age of ever-evolving “-core” aesthetics and curated identities, style exploration has become widespread and diverse. However, I find myself particularly drawn to the timeless, delicate allure of hyper-feminine subcategories, like coquette and “cottagecore.”

At the heart of graceful hyper-femininity lies a lovely interplay of textures and fabrics. From flowy silhouettes to soft patterns, here’s a list of my favorite hyper-feminine pieces that I like to add to my everyday wardrobe. 

1. hair bows

I love bows! They’re the easiest way to add a touch of girlish nostalgia to any outfit. While I love big satin bow clips, I always reach for my ribbons. Saved from old gift wrapping or bought from the craft store, my favorite way to use ribbons is to tie them into bows at the end of pigtail braids. 

2. corsets

Corsets are such a unique look. I like to wear them on top of satin mini dresses to cinch in my waist and add an interesting element onto an otherwise simple outfit.

3. lacy tank tops

Tank tops are a closet staple for me. Lacy tank tops, especially, act as an unrivaled base for feminine outfits. Whether they’re simply decorated with lace trim or intricately sheer all-around, lacy tank tops can be layered to perfection. 

4. midi skirts

I absolutely love midi skirts! Loose skirts with earthy tones or vintage florals can create an idyllic, whimsical beauty. 

5. ruffle socks

Ruffle socks are such a cute and subtle detail. When paired with Mary Jane shoes, they give off the most wholesome charm. 

Contemporary interpretations of hyper-feminine fashion make it possible for a broad range of people to embrace the unapologetic joy of femininity, and I’m all for it!

Judy Zhou

UC Berkeley '26

Judy is a sophomore at the University of California, Berkeley majoring in Sustainable Environmental Design and double-minoring in City Planning and Public Policy. She enjoys writing about filmmaking experiences and life events, and she works on the Marketing/Outreach team as well. In her free time, you can find her working on short films, going to concerts and raves, or studying in cafes.