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The tree leaves are turning into vibrant shades of yellow and orange. Trader Joe’s has all of their delectable fall items in stock. Pumpkin spice season is here, it’s officially Fall! Here are some of my movie recommendations to get you excited for fall: 


Comme- si, Comme- ça.”

Fantastic Mr. Fox tells the story of a family of foxes that struggles to find their place in their world. There are stolen turkeys, angry farmers, and family drama! What more could you ask for? 

2. dead poet’s society

“Carpe diem. Seize the day. Make your lives extraordinary.”

High school students at an all men’s school discover what poetry means, and what it truly means to live your life. Feel free to snuggle up in your blanket and maybe grab a tissue or two. 

tao and elle on a movie date in heartstopper season 2

3. when harry met sally

It is so nice when you can sit with someone and not have to talk.”

If you like romcoms with a side of slowburn and frenemies, then you need to watch this movie! When Harry Met Sally is perfect to watch during fall, since it’s a cozy movie. Plus, who doesn’t love a good romance film? 

4. little women

“I intend to make my own way in the world.” 

A coming of age movie, focused on sisterhood. The cinematography and scenery is absolutely stunning as this film takes place in Autumn. I find this movie to be perfect to watch, especially with a warm cup of tea or coffee. 

Melissa Ayala

UC Berkeley '26

Melissa is currently a sophomore at UC Berkeley, double majoring in History and Political Economy. In her free time, Melissa enjoys watching movies, updating her Spotify playlists, and reading a book.