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Warning: contains spoilers.

Ah, finally. After six months, I have had the time to sit down and binge-watch the final season of Fleabag. Can I just say, it was glorious. As per part 1, I will summarize my thoughts on each episode by condensing them in a roughly 280 character or less “tweet” of sorts. This season made me sad, in part because of its ending scene and in part because it’s the last I’ll ever see of it. The story is finished and done, which reminds me why I subconsciously tend to avoid finishing any show: I can’t handle the feeling of saying goodbye to a really good series. On that note, let’s see how I handled the ups and downs of this final season of Fleabag!

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Episode 1: Oh my goodness, this episode made me really grateful for Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s exquisite sense of humor and how perfectly she walks the line between comedy and tragedy. The entire table scene went on for a while but I never got bored and often rewinded to watch parts of it play out again. 

Episode 2: I loved this episode so much, I feel like Flea’s making strides in finding out what she truly wants and is going after it. The scene with the therapist was hilarious and so was the scene with Martin and Flea at the church event. And the priest is adorable!

Episode 3: The episode kind of blew me away. It embodied a different type of narrative and feeling and we get to see Claire’s struggles, passions, and incredibly luxurious office space. It focused itself on making a stark juxtaposition between Claire and Flea, and at the end of it all, we see how at their core, the two struggle with opposite ends of the same spectrum.

Episode 4: Flea has never been more happy or unguarded with someone since Boo. It’s not exactly her choice, as something about the priest is able to see past the walls she puts up — especially the fourth wall. Every aside she had becomes more and more noticeable to him and it’s clear things are changing within Flea–and, to his shock, the priest as well.

Episode 5: “Is she leaving me?” “I hope so” “Don’t let her leave me.” 

Flea really is not having it this time. This scene is one of the only scenes where Martin is somber, and it’s an admission of his powerlessness and Flea’s power. It was an episode full of shifts. And that ending…whew!

Episode 6: This episode was really beautiful and I can’t believe how perfectly things ended up. Flea has her heartbroken yet again, but simultaneously healed and it becomes apparent that this is what she truly needed: someone to teach her how to love, correctly and fully, without the inner monologues. I’m so sad it’s over but can’t wait to continue watching Phoebe’s current project: Killing Eve.

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