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Live-tweeting my reactions to Fleabag: A 280 character (or less) emotional journey

Warning: May contain spoilers

As we all (should) know, Fleabag is an Emmy-winning British television show written by and starring the fabulous Phoebe-Waller Bridge. Featuring an eclectic, emotionally unstable woman navigating family life, past trauma, sexual encounters and her (failing) cafe business, we see the contradictions and complexities of trauma and womanhood in the 21st century. It’s funny, frustrating, self-aware, heart-breaking and definitely worth watching. So, without further ado, here are my thoughts on the first season of Fleabag, as portrayed through a series of tweets. 

Episode 1: Wow, they really do get to it immediately. I love how she breaks the fourth wall, it eases some of the awkwardness. Or maybe just makes it more awkward. This girl always finds herself in uncomfortable situations with men (or everyone, really). How endearing. And self-destructive.


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Episode 2: So now that the source of her trauma is revealed, I feel like I understand her a bit better. She can’t stay in one place too long; she needs variety and distraction. Preferably from someone other than her own dad. Not ideal. Also: Martin, Claire’s husband, is *gag*. That’s all. 


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Episode 3: Her relationship with her sister is just beginning to turn around. It’s kinda sweet actually. But the men she sees…still a hot mess. And her stepmom is scary. It’s always the ones with a sanguine disposition that end up being the most biting.


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Episode 4: This episode was a little break, where Flea is (literally) isolated from the chaos in her life. The juxtaposition between the silent female-only retreat she and her sister attend and the neighboring male retreat centered around screaming at a female blow-up doll is hilarious.

Episode 5: The only good part about this episode is that 3-second hug between Flea and Claire. I had to pause multiple times because every single conversation involving the stepmom is insufferably awkward and backhanded. Flea just wants to leave unscathed, but when push comes to shove…


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Episode 6: We get more heart-wrenching emotion in this episode alone than in the entire season. Things get real and we finally, finally get to see Flea break down over a series of heartbreaking revelations. All I have to say is that Flea made a huge mistake and an eraser can’t fix this one. 


This show is unexpectedly brilliant and cringey and sad all in one. Phoebe Waller-Bridge proves herself to be a genuine talent and I can hardly wait to binge-watch the next season. Until then, I’ll be praying things start looking up for Flea’s poor soul and that she finds some semblance of happiness. And a loan.

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