Let’s Talk About Planned Parenthood, Babyyyy

All colleges are known to have a prominent hookup culture. It’s the time where we all can really explore ourselves sexually and get to know more about our bodies. However, we also need to take precautions to avoid STDs and unwanted pregnancies. While it can be common knowledge to protect ourselves with condoms, birth control, Plan B, etc., accessibility isn’t as common.

Accessibility can be easy if you have the school’s insurance because these products and services are usually offered at a reduced rate or even at no cost at all. For people whose insurance might not cover these products or for those without access to insurance, Planned Parenthood is a perfect platform. Planned Parenthood does more than perform abortions. It also provides accessibility for many women who cannot afford birth control or Plan B.

Planned Parenthood makes sure to keep everything confidential in order to protect the safety of their patients. They also have a program in which they provide free birth control and Plan B if you make less than a certain income. This program applies to a lot of people in college, since most of us only have part-time jobs. Planned Parenthood can give you up to a year's supply of these products, which makes it so accessible considering birth control without insurance can cost up to $500. 

Women’s rights have always been a struggle, especially when it comes to breaking the stigma of female sexuality and female autonomy. Planned Parenthood has paved the way for women to have accessibility to practice safe sex and claim their own autonomy. It is so important to vote to make sure these rights are not taken away.