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Lenore Grolle, ’12

Name: Lenore Grolle
Major and Year: Spanish Literature, 2012
Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA Spiritual Hometown: Barcelona
Favorite Comedies: Hot Rod, Zoolander, Portlandia, Stella
Ideal Soulmate: A tall dude or Paul Rudd

Synopsis: "If you are taking the time to read this, then you probably want to know more about me. Well, there's really not much to know. I'm a girl, I have wavy hair. I'm kind of tall, I like things. You know, typical person stuff. Sometimes i like to freestyle rap. Spanish definitely included, and you can frequently find me in the Combatives room at the RSF improv dancing….if you're into that sort of thing. Some people like to say I look like Kirsten Dunst and Kevin Bacon’s love child. I like to say I’m Ke$ha. But Seriously, I’m Ke$ha" --Lenore

This Spanish speaking, blonde rapper is one of those people you meet that instantly captivates you. Above is a brief bio written by Lenore for the improv comedy group on campus, Jericho! Lenore is a fourth year at Cal and can be seen starring in numerous videos made by Jericho! Not only does Lenore appear in many of the Jericho! skits but she also edits, produces, and creates a lot of these videos. Lenore is this week’s Campus Celeb due to her comedic talent, video production skills, and her involvement in many campus organizations. Do not miss Lenore and the rest of Jericho this weekend in their biggest performance of the year. The shows are this Friday 3/16 and Saturday 3/17 in room 111 Wurster Auditorium at 7pm.

Her Campus: Hi Lenore, tell me about Jericho!
Lenore Grolle: Jericho! is an improv and sketch comedy student group on the UC Berkeley campus. We produce our own shows, write our own sketches, and perform our own acts of guerilla theater.

HC: How did you get into video production?
LG: I started video editing my senior year of high school. I had to make a video project of my senior year for AP English. I decided to make a dance video with one of my friends but had never edited before. I jumped right into it and made a 20 minute dance video with fast cuts, so there were probably over 100 cuts. It was pretty cool. After that, I've been making videos ever since.

HC: What is your favorite Jericho! video?
LG: That’s Berkeley, which is actually an ongoing trilogy and series. There are currently two videos within the triology: that’s Berkeley and Pajamjamjams. This April, the last installment of the trilogy will be released. Jericho! also has begun a That’s Berkeley series that updates frequently.

HC:  I’ve seen the That’s Berkeley video and I see that you can rap. Was that a one-time thing or do you rap often?
LG: Actually, I’ve been rapping since I was three. That’s Berkeley is an original rap, and although I did not write all of it, I wrote part of it. It’s funny because I actually remember when I first started rapping. My sister slammed my forehead into a door and my first rap was about not liking her.

HC: Since you are a graduating senior, can you tell me one thing that you really like about Berkeley and will miss the most?
LG: The comedic energy that is here on campus. Berkeley has so many different types of people that you can learn from and become inspired by. I’ve been inspired from many of the things and people I have seen around campus.

That's Berkeley

Sh*t Berkeley Students Don't Say

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Check out Jericho!'s Tumblr and their Facebook event page for updates on their group and shows this weekend! 

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