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It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas at Cal

Around this time of the year, Berkeley begins to feel a lot like Christmas. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet but there are a few reminders that Christmas is coming around the clock. One of the most beautiful Berkeley traditions are the lights that go up along Shattuck as well as Telegraph. From the strings of lights to the hanging mistletoe decors, you won’t be able to miss the pleasant vibe that makes the holidays seem so near.


It’s about the time when Christmas playlists are heard in every cafe and every store. From “Last Christmas” to “Winter Wonderland” to Michael Buble’s Christmas album, the vibe is festive. Be prepared for your Uber drivers playing Christmas radio music as well! There’s honestly nothing better than Christmas music to ease into the mood of the season.


Sooner or later, we’ll be seeing the Christmas advertisements go up for gifts. Gifts for him, gifts for your best friend, gifts your for mom, gifts for you dad, the list goes on. It’ll soon be too in-your-face to neglect any of the ads and it’ll consume your thoughts. What’s the perfect gift for him? Don’t forget, Emeryville is only a short ride away if gift-giving is a tradition you prioritize!


    The other incredible occurence of the season comes with indulgence, the indulgence of goods that are fitting for this season specifically. Perhaps, you’ll try the peppermint mochas at starbucks or the hot chocolate at your favorite cafes. Maybe you’ll stumble upon some gingerbread baked goods at Trader Joe’s or you’ll get creative and make some peppermint bark.


That being said, the seasons shouldn’t be solely on the physical world as I’ve described in such detail above. It’s about the intangible, the way we impact the ones we love and equally important, the way we love the world. The truth is that the world is always in need of love and with the recent events of the fires in Malibu or the harsh words spoken against the LGBTQ+ community at Cal or the devastating mass shootings, the more positivity we can foster, the better. And as always and in this season, don’t be afraid to treat yourself with kindness, whatever that form may take on for you. Love, love, love because that’s the uttermost importance of the holiday season.


Melody A. Chang

UC Berkeley '19

As a senior undergraduate, I seek out all opportunities that expand my horizons, with the aim of developing professionally and deepening my vision of how I can positively impact the world around me. While most of my career aims revolve around healthcare and medicine, I enjoy producing content that is informative, engaging, and motivating.  In the past few years, I have immersed myself in the health field through working at a private surgical clinic, refining my skills as a research assistant in both wet-lab and clinical settings, shadowing surgeons in a hospital abroad, serving different communities with health-oriented nonprofits, and currently, exploring the pharmaceutical industry through an internship in clinical operations.  Career goals aside, I place my whole mind and soul in everything that I pursue whether that be interacting with patients in hospice, consistently improving in fitness PR’s, tutoring children in piano, or engaging my creativity through the arts. Given all the individuals that I have yet to learn from and all the opportunities that I have yet to encounter in this journey, I recognize that I have much room and capacity for growth. Her Campus is a platform that challenges me to consistently engage with my community and to simultaneously cultivate self-expression. 
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