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It's likely that at some point during your TikTok scrolling, you’ve bumped into a tarot reading video. Whether it’s a welcomed sign or not, oftentimes the readings are scary personal. The art of tarot reading brings to light many opinions about whether the practice is all conjecture or some form of witchcraft. 

I know there are a handful, if not a ton of people out there, who consider tarot reading to be a pseudo-practice (invalid in its predictions). However, skeptics must also consider that some people really believe individuals can be mediums for spiritual messages and that the earth’s energy enables significant effects. There is no reason to negate or reject a practice simply because people do not align with its beliefs. Everyone has their way of coping with life events, and everyone has their distinct belief systems.

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While Tarot-Tok is a very well-intentioned trend, lifestyle, or whatever you want to call it, you’re welcome to take it with a grain of salt if you're not into it. Remember that many of these readings are being seen by multiple viewers. They may sound unbelievable, inapplicable, or overgeneralized. Still, whatever your experience is on Tarot-Tok, it doesn’t mean you should reject the practice altogether. Someone else might really need to hear the reader’s message.

I recently ran a poll on my Instagram to gain an understanding of how popular and accepted these Tarot-Toks are (at least within the niche of people who follow me). It was quite interesting to see that most of my followers have encountered these TikToks but decided not to interact with them by liking, commenting, sharing, or anything of the sort. While I don’t have a concrete explanation for this, people may find the readings irrelevant to their lives, have conflicting beliefs, or simply think the concept is too far-fetched. Whatever the reason, Tarot-Toks are definitely on the rise. If you ever come across your own reading, you’ll have to decide for yourself whether to give it a listen or just keep scrolling.

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