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Unfortunately, I’m not a coffee lover. I have tried many times to like coffee, but  I’m disappointed every time. I think my mom ruined it for me because when I was a kid she would always have coffee. She would leave a mug of it in our car and let it sit and get cold and still drink it, which I always found to be utterly disgusting. I also don’t even like the smell of coffee because our car would always smell like old coffee after that, and (as you can imagine) it’s not a great smell. Once I got to college, I felt kind of left out because everybody had their coffee drinks to make studying go by faster or pick them up in the middle of the day. However, one day I was introduced to the chai latte by my roommate, and my life has been forever changed. A chai latte has now become a staple in my day-to-day life. Here are a few of my favorite places to get a chai latte in Berkeley for my fellow non-coffee lovers.

1. Romeo’s coffee

My favorite chai latte is from Romeo’s Coffee. Romeo’s is located on Telegraph Avenue across from Moe’s Books. I typically get an iced chai, and it’s so cinnamon-y and sweet that it’s the perfect pick-me-up during a long day. They also give you a Hershey’s Kiss with anything you order, which is a nice addition. The only downside is that it’s a little on the expensive side, but I think for the quality and the Hershey’s Kiss, it’s totally worth it!

2. Peet’s coffee

My second favorite chai latte would be from Peet’s Coffee. Peet’s is also located on Telegraph Avenue just across the street from Romeo’s. There is another one located in the Golden Bear Cafe on campus as well as in Downtown Berkeley on Shattuck Avenue. I also typically order an iced chai from there but have had their hot and like it just as well. Theirs is a bit less sweet than Romeo’s but still has the sweet cinnamony taste of chai without being too bitter. If you’re ever on campus and need a quick pick me up, I would definitely recommend Peet’s!

3. cafe milano

Lastly, my third favorite chai latte is from Cafe Milano. Cafe Milano is located on Bancroft Way next to Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea, across from Upper Sproul. Cafe Milano is sort of a hidden gem, as their store sign is hard to see but has great food, drinks, and ambiance nonetheless. The first chai latte I ever tried was from Cafe Milano, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. I do typically order the iced, but, again, have tried both, and they’re both very good. It’s a little thicker and creamier than Peet’s and Romeo’s I would say, but it has a great cinnamon taste, and the shop itself has a great study vibe. If you ever want to study in a coffee shop with a chai latte, Cafe Milano is the place for you!

I hope this can help all of my fellow non-coffee lovers find a new drink so they can participate in the universal college experience of getting a drink to get you through the day!

Ellie Buss

UC Berkeley '26

Ellie is a Sophomore at the University of California, Berkeley double majoring in English and Media Studies. She is currently a staff-writer for the Berkeley chapter in the editorial department. Ellie has experience in media, film, public relations, and writing. She enjoys writing personal blogs and essays in her free time as well as articles about all things pop culture. After graduating, Ellie aspires to enter the media and communications industry where she can continue to share stories. When Ellie is not writing, she loves dancing, and is involved in three dance clubs on campus, listening to music, watching movies, spending time with friends and family, and eating ice cream.