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How Much Does it Cost To Walk the Red Carpet?


We all know how important it is to look good on the Red Carpet, but do we all know how much it costs?


According to Forbes, Saoirse Ronan’s 2016 Calvin Klein Oscars dress cost her $60,000. Although a lot of money, it’s not much in comparison to Lupita Nyong’o 2015 Oscars dress, which was made entirely of pearls and cost her $150,000. It was also reported by E! News that this pricey dress was stolen out of Lupita’s hotel room in West Hollywood a few days after the Oscars.


After looking at the cost of dresses I was blown away, until I realized how important jewelry is as well…


According to Vogue in 2014, Jennifer Lawrence’s entire look, dress and jewelry, cost $3.58 million. That same year Margot Robbie was wearing an 8 million dollar outfit, joined by Amy Adams who was wearing a little over 1 million dollars. That means for one award show $13,000,000 worth of clothing and jewelry was worn by only three people, when over 1,000 people walk the Red Carpet for each event!


So, I’ve come to the sad conclusion that it costs more than my entire life to be able to walk the Red Carpet.

Arianna Ruiz

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