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How to Have the Best Valentine’s Day


    Guess what day it is tomorrow! Well, if you don’t know by now you’ve clearly been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks(it’s okay I feel that same way about this holiday so I get it). However, it’s that time of year again where everyone who’s romantically involved with someone else goes out of their way to prove that they are completely devoted to this other person in the most intense way possible.  

    However, that’s not all Valentine’s day needs to be! As much as I disagree with the concept of thinking that you should only express your love for someone on one day of the year, there are better ways to celebrate this day than only focusing on romantic love.  It’s easy to spend so much time focusing on how to celebrate Valentine’s day in regards to making a significant other’s day special, and forget to cherish the other types of love that are possible to have in our lives.  

    Sure, if you’re spending the day with your significant other, you should most likely get them a present(unless discussed otherwise and mutually-agreed that you will not get each other presents) which can range from large to small depending on the level of commitment or just the type of relationship you have with this other person.  A safe bet is always flowers, especially if you know the other person’s favorite flowers(and yes, some guys like to get flowers too)!  So I suppose the general Valentine’s Day theme is to go out to dinner, and trade presents and be very romantic.  BUT, you know what is even more fun? Going on a romantic adventure and doing something that millions of other people won’t also be doing that day.  How about a star-light hike up to a spot overlooking the bay area. You could also go to the Berkeley rose gardens and spend a moonlight night among the flowers.  BE CREATIVE!

    If you’re spending the day with friends, well you can honestly do anything that you could possibly imagine.  Think love-themed crafts with red and pink paper hearts clothes-pinned to twine to hang around your dorm.  Maybe you could make some red cookies and watch romcoms together-you know, the typical galentine’s day events.  You could also take your friends on an adventure, and maybe trek into the city for a night in SF.  Maybe you could host a game night and have a coed Valentine’s day with all of the friends that you love.  Just spend some quality time with some quality people and spread those feelings of appreciation and gratitude!

    My favorite, however, is always the family Valentine’s day(This could just stem from the years of getting ‘secret admirer’ bouquets sent to class every year, thank you grandpa <3).  Your family loves you unconditionally, and they are always there for you no matter what.  Sure, they’re definitely not always perfect, but Valentine’s day is a good time to call your family up and remind them you love them.  

After all, it is a day specifically dedicated to love, AND that doesn’t necessarily need to be solely romantic love.   Make sure you appreciate all of the important people in your life; spread the love.  Happy Valentine’s Day! <3


UC Berkeley class of 2021. My heart is in the mountains, and with any corgi I see. I'm interested in writing, yoga, running, hiking, boxing, playing piano, music, adventures, and studying psychology and anthropology.
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