Hollywood is Not the Only One

Hollywood is in a bit of trouble right now… People are more and more outspoken about Hollywood’s power abuse and sexual harassment issues. Moreover, they are pointing out the patheticness of Hollywood. While it is true, at least Hollywood is facing consequences. All industries should be held accountable. Not just Hollywood.


Living close to Silicon Valley, it is undeniable that Silicon Valley has growing problems when it comes to sexual harassment allegations or sexual abuse. Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick eventually stepped down because of his misogynistic actions towards women and women calling him out for his disgusting behavior towards them. Uber went through a bit of a turmoil because of these allegations shaking the entire company up. This just goes to show that sexual harassment happens in ALL workplace. And it’s about time this should change.


When the multiple allegations towards Harvey Weinstein came out, I wasn’t shocked. I was shocked and more than happy to see him face the consequences. However, I really thought that was the end of it - that men in Hollywood would reinforce to the women they took advantage of that they should hush. But, that was not what happened. Weinstein’s case started an avalanche of accusations, some that devastated well-established careers. To me, that’s change. Kevin Spacey and Louis C.K. are both renowned entertainers in their respectful fields, and the reports of their appalling behaviors are fatal blows to their careers. Spacey’s shows are practically over, while C.K.’s movie is being dropped. While it is sad to see two very talented men lose their career like that, it highlights and emphasizes just how detrimental sexual harassment. It is not okay. These consequences that these men faced emboldened this idea, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Many women are still living in fear, and I can only wish they will keep speaking up so people like Weinstein can be put down for good.


Photo Credit: The New Yorker