Here's What Everyone is Tweeting About Coachella

It’s that time of year again: Coachella! Every year during this time, celebrities and fans flock to Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley to indulge in a 3-day long music festival. Coachella is known for its star-studded line-up, boho fashion trends, and flower crowns, and many consider it the modern-day Woodstock. This year’s festivities are to be held from April 14-16 and from April 21-23. The outdoor concert series will feature headliners such as pop-sensation Lady Gaga and platinum-selling rapper Kendrick Lamar.


If you’re following social media, you won’t miss a moment of the hype and excitement. To get a peek at the fun, let’s take a look at some of the trending Twitter posts from this weekend:



Youtubers Meredith Foster, Teala Dunn, Eva Gutowski, and Sierra Furtado posed for these adorable photos of the four of them rocking their Coachella attire. The four stars are known for their beauty and fashion expertise, and their looks here are nothing short of inspiring. Their ping-pong paddles and fishy faces give the photoshoot a playful touch, hinting at the fun times they are yet to have. 


The post says it all, Vanessa Hudgens is the unofficial Queen of Coachella. The 28-year-old High School Musical actress attends Coachella every year, and every year she slays the game with a new, jaw-dropping look. This Coachella weekend, Vanessa strutted in with a floral kimono, a black wide-rimmed hat, a lacy bralette, and studded high-waisted shorts. Just to prove how much of a queen Vanessa is, here are some of her past Coachella outfits. 






Youtubers Inanna Sarkis and Lele Pons also posted a squad picture showing off their flawless makeup and sexy ensembles. Inanna and Lele are known for their creative comedy sketches that boast millions of views, including videos about bad uber drivers and what it would like to date Wonder Woman. These girls to just go to show that you can’t do Coachella right without hair dye, jeweled headbands, and mirror selfies. 


        Any 13 Reasons Why fans here? Because actors Dylan Minnette and Ross Butler, who play Clay Jensen and Zach Dempsey respectively, are at Coachella this weekend! They seemed more than willing to take photos with fans. I think we should take a moment to appreciate their quirky outfit choices, from Ross’ pigeon embroidered baseball cap to Dylan’s flamingo-emblazoned polo shirt. 



        Cole Sprouse, the famous twin from Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, was also spotted at Coachella smoking a joint and having a chill time. The caption takes note of Cole’s indie aesthetic, as he dons aviators and a red Hawaiian shirt. Not to mention the artsy lens flare on the left side. 


        And speaking of celebs, no Coachella round-up would be complete without Kylie Jenner and her BFFs Jordyn Woods, Anastasia Karanikolaou, and Chantel Jeffries. The four of them show off their unique styles, from hoop earrings to cropped peasant blouses to cheetah print tube tops. Since the first tweet only gives a tease, here’s some extra pics of Kylie’s fluorescent green do and body-hugging gold dress. 







        Showing a more muted, old rock side of herself on Twitter, Lady Gaga posted these four polaroids of her rehearsals before her big Coachella performance. Her current aesthetic is definitely a far cry from her meat dress in 2010 or seashell bikini in 2013, but Lady Gaga still owns an overwhelming stage presence that fans would be more than happy to see. 


        And for all of you who aren’t at Coachella, you’re in good company. Many on Twitter chose a more laid back way to spend their weekend, as @Maddie_P tweets:


        Still interested in seeing your favorite musicians perform? As the Los Angeles Times reminds us, you can always tune in to their livestream of the performances to catch up on anything you might miss. 



        Hoping you all are enjoying all the Coachella news and updates. Have a great weekend!