Freshies! Stress not!

So….college has officially started. It’s crazy to think that I’m a college student now. I still feel 15 somehow. Already slammed with homework, applications, interviews, and the bay area HEAT WAVE!!! This heat wave really came in the most unexpected fashion. Stay hydrated everyone!!


I think every freshman, and probably all other Berkeley students right now, is freaking out over clubs, frats/sororities, or decal courses. I was extremely shocked when I realized everything at Berkeley requires some sort of application and even interview. We all thought getting into Berkeley was stressful enough but all these applications are driving us nuts! But fear not! I’m right there with you. At first, it was very scary. I thought I wouldn’t get into any clubs because what do I have to offer? I’m just a freshman coming from an international high school in Taipei. However, think of it like this: every application and interview you are doing now will build you up to the perfect applicant you want to be. This is the process and practice. Take it in because once you are a sophomore, junior, senior, or out in the society, you pretty much have to apply for real internships and jobs, where a lot of things are riding on, so these applications you are doing for clubs will shape you to be a pro at writing applications and nailing interviews. Don’t worry if your interviews don’t go smoothly. You’re just a freshman! You just got to college! Enjoy the experience while you can! Don’t let you get bogged down by this initial wave of stress.


My view from my dorm room is absolutely gorgeous, and I would love to attach a photo of my view hopefully to show you how beautiful your surrounding is, no matter how stressed out you are.