A Foodie's ULTIMATE Guide to Halloween Time at Disneyland

October is upon us! What is one of the best things about this spooky season? Horror movies? Halloween parties? Close, but there is something even better than all of these fall festivities combined. It is Halloween Time at Disneyland, and there are more Halloween-themed treats than ever this year! With plenty of new items along with some old favorites, it's pretty easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the amazingness. Fear not! Here is a foodie's ULTIMATE guide to navigativing all of the spooky sweets and treats at Disneyland this year!

  • Assorted Flavored Churros: Now, you might be thinking, Churros are already great, how can they be made even better? Well, you NEED to experience Disneyland's flavored churros this Halloween! There is a pumpkin spice churro with cream cheese frosting and an orange sugar churro with candy corn sauce! There is even a Maleficent churro covered with chocolate cookie crumbles AND a marshmallow dip option. Dipping a churro is marshmallow fluff? Um, yes please. 



  • Crispy Treats, Cake Pops, and Candy Apples: Churros aren't the only themed treats that Disneyland offers this October to indulge your sweet tooth! Located at various candy shops along Main Street U.S.A. and Fantasyland, there are Jack Skellington cake pops, Evil Queen apple, and Oogie Boogie/ Maleficent crispy treats. Don't forget to head on over to Jolly Holiday Bakery to find Mickey Mummy Macaroons, which have a delicious cookies and cream filling inside a snowy white cookie!


  • Halloween Hot Dog: Craving something a little more savory to balance out with all of these sweets? Look no further than Refreshment Corner on Main Street U.S.A. to find the Halloween Hot Dog! A delicious hot dog in a soft bun gets drenched with mild cheese sauce, then topped with meatballs coated in marinara. Add some fresh tomatoes and you've got a winning Weiner. Plus, the orange just screams Halloween!



  • ​Vampire Mickey Sourdough: Now, here's a new twist on an old classic. We've all had a loaf of freshly-baked Mickey-shaped sourdough, but have you really experienced it in all its glory until you're loaf has fangs on it? The usual friendly-looking face turns to a Vampire Mickey for this Halloween season, and we wouldn't have it any other way. The Boudin Bakery crafts a bread with a fluffy inside that has a fresh flavor with just the right amount of spookiness! (P.S: This one can technically only be purchased inside Disney's California Adventure Park, but it just had to be included in this list). 


  • Pumpkin Spice Beignets: Disneyland is obviously on top of the seasonal flavor game with Pumpkin Spice Mickey Beignets, which is something you didn't know you absolutely needed in your life until now. These Mickey-shaped treats as light and fluffy with a hint of warm cinnamon and nutmeg. Yeah, that's about as "Fall" as it can get. With powdered sugar on top, the treats are a must-get. You can snag these cute little bits of deliciousness at the Mint Julep Bar, located in New Orleans Square. 


  • “Enchanted Black Rose” Mousse: This rich new dessert is a little bit different, but in the best way. These "roses" are a black truffle mousse, with a raspberry compote and crunch center all dusted with edible glitter. Served at the Red Rose Taverne in Fantasyland, this treat is something unexpected and delicious. With a sort of "elegant" appearance, these are perfect to take a quick snap of for your aesthetic Instagram feed. 


Well, there you have it. A guide to EVERYTHING you need to try at Disneyland this October. But, you need to hurry! The festivities end on October 31st of this year. See you there!