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Five Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas

We seem to come out of hiding on Hallow’s Eve, where we take advantage of the only night out of the entire year in which it is socially appropriate to fully embrace our spooky, slutty alter egos. Or, we opt for a more thought-out, comedic, and nerdy costume (I mean, you can’t go wrong with Bob Ross). At a party, there’s either the slutty kitty or the grandma, and absolutely no in-betweens—but, hey, there’s no shame in that! If you have absolutely no idea what to be for Halloween (or just need a little dose of inspiration), look no further than these line-ups.


  1. 2000’s Babe

Honestly, the 2000s era was a banger, and I don’t think we can ever forget it! There were so many key looks, such as shiny lip gloss, ginormous and bedazzled shades, impossibly low-waisted flare jeans (with a dash of some visible thong action if you were feeling bold), colorful highlights, and silver hoops. Oh, and how could I ever forget the flip phone? Head to the nearest thrift store and create your own costume outfit inspired by the bangin’ 2000s.



2. Any Arrested Development Character

As only the funniest television show on Netflix, Arrested Development has a surplus of classic costume ideas. From the amazing mom looks of Lucille Bluth, to Tobiath’s ultimate dad sweaters, Buster Bluth’s pirate hook, and Lindsay’s “Sheman” t-shirt, you have plenty of different personas to choose from.


3. X-Men Superhero

Okay, maybe superheroes are pretty cliche, but seeing someone dressed up as an X-men character is always bad ass. With Rogue, Jean Grey, Storm, and Mystique, you have some seriously powerful options here. I personally have always been obsessed with Rogue’s timeless white streaked hair look. Also, who doesn’t love colored contacts?



4. Ashley Banks from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

First of all, this show is iconic. Second of all, Ashley Banks is a legend. Either create a mash-up of your favorite inspirations of the 90’s, or embrace one of Ashley’s fabulous looks. Honestly, you can’t go wrong here.


5. The “I Don’t Know What I Am Exactly But At Least I Look Hot” Costume

Sometimes, we really don’t know what we want to be for Halloween, but we know we want to look cute. Get creative! Be a luxurious dragon! Be a terrifying unicorn! Be a sexy, goth chick! Be a dead (insert any character or prototype here)! Be whoever you want to be!

Still need more inspiration? Check out this fabulous list that features 71 costume ideas. You can conjure up the most amazing costume ever without burning a hole in your pocket and spending hours beyond hours creating it. Have fun, be safe, and go all out!


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