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Five Alternatives to Energy Drinks

1. Get moving
A study of 6800 people in 70 individual studies found that exercise increased energy and reduced fatigue in both healthy people and people who suffered from cancer and heart disease. Yoga in particular has been found to increase strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and lung capacity.

2. Get checked
According to the Center for Disease Control, a significant prevalence of iron deficiency has been observed in the United States among certain females of childbearing age. Iron deficiency has been known to cut energy levels by as much as 50 percent! If you suspect you might be suffering from this, go to your doctor for a blood test.

3. Get a chemistry refresher
Iodine is chemical that helps maintain sufficient levels of the thyroid hormones that regulate your weight, energy level, and mood. Keep your levels balanced with snacks such as seaweed salads. Insufficient levels of potassium (a mineral your body needs to convert blood sugar into energy) and magnesium (which supplies cells with energy) may also play a role in your fatigue. Try a potassium-packed banana with some magnesium-rich peanut butter for a mid-day boost.

4. Get colorful
The Eiseman Center for Color Information & Training has reported that warm colors, such as red, yellow, and orange, are more energizing than their cool counterparts due to their attention-grabbing ability that activates brain circuitry. Give your room, office, or even your wardrobe a make-over by opting for some colors on the bright side.

5. Get coffee
Not only does coffee deliver just as much caffeine as an energy drink such as Red Bull, it also provides antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Not to mention it doesn’t include the sugar or artificial junk! Brewed teas are another great option if java doesn’t jive.
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Photo credit: vendingmarketwatch.com

Sarah Smith is a junior at the University of Michigan, Class of 2012, majoring in Communication Studies and Political Science. She is the Editor-in-Chief of The Forum, Michigan's Greek Life Newspaper, and the secretary of Michigan's chapter of Ed2010. Sarah is also an active member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, and she currently serves Michigan's Panhellenic Association as the Vice President of Public Relations.  A native of Sterling Heights, MI, she has been a Michigan fan since birth and loves spending Saturday mornings cheering on her Wolverines. Some of her favorite things include The Office, Audrey Hepburn, women's magazines, and microwave popcorn - preferably with lots of butter and salt!
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