Finals Are Coming! How Should You Study?

Finals are a tricky time to get through. Endless hours during a quiet week of studying and reviews topics lead to the final glorious week of the semester where everyone is running on a sleep-deprived, coffee-induced haze. The calm before the storm. Good times.

The thing is: it’s hard to study when you don’t know which method works best for you. It’s easy to prescribe “sufficient sleep” or “no phone” as remedies to optimal studying, but college students are more complex than that. That’s why I created a flowchart that asks comprehensive questions about study habits, mental functions, and majors all leading to a final quick, personally tailored tip on how to study for finals. I sincerely hope this chart helps somebody or at least provides them a fun distraction from the grand slam that is finals week at UC Berkeley. 

Without further ado, here is a fun flowchart that tells you how to study for finals! Enjoy!