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Sound the alarm. School’s back in session, and we’re not talking about hours of wearying online class and bouts of weekly Zoom fatigue. As the masses return to campus and the eerie silence of classrooms is replaced with excited chatter, it’s time to bring your school bag out from hiding and pick a show-stopping outfit to go along with it. To guide you through the process of returning back to some level of campus normalcy, here’s a roundup of the best fashion TikTok accounts to follow for some much-needed back-to-school outfit inspiration. 


Based in London, this 20-year-old content creator knows a thing or two about styling just about every essential in a college student’s wardrobe. Hafsa covers everything from modest outfit tips and inspiration, to layering and color coordination depending on the season. Her minimal style and neutral-toned outfit inspiration are perfect for those who like to keep things lowkey.


With a knack for streetwear, Hope’s outfits are never dull and always comfortable and eye-catching. The influencer has a series dedicated to color-coded fits along with back-to-school outfits that encompass yoga pants and oversized jackets that you’ll be sure to put to use as the weather starts to get colder. 



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This UK-based influencer incorporates loads of wardrobe ideas into her lighthearted lifestyle vlogs. Elise creates outfit inspiration videos centered around a single article of clothing, like comfortable joggers and cargo pants. Her casual style is elevated with her accessorizing expertise, a skill that you, too, can pick up with a simple click of her follow button.


Carson is an NYC-based fashion influencer, and according to her TikTok bio, “there’s nothing a good outfit can’t fix.” To test this theory out, refer to her illuminating videos that range from tips on how to spice up any basic outfit, to countless try-on hauls. For those times you miraculously wake up early enough for your 9 AM and feel like taking on lecture in a cute, put-together fit, Carson’s TikTok account is well worth the scrolling.


A content creator and freelance model, Von has a wardrobe that’s the perfect blend of minimalism and statement pieces. When you’re not entirely sure what to pair your hot pink jeans with, or how, exactly, you should wear that one oversized blazer collecting dust in your closet, Von’s videos are at your service. She also has loads of outfit hacks and beauty tips to sift through when you’re procrastinating your problem sets or discussion posts.



3 Minimal effort outfits! Reply to @livibear_ #styletips #todaysstyletip

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Digital creator and model Taylor Hage just might have the answers to all of your burning fashion questions. Need a 70s inspired outfit? A rainy day outfit? Ways to style a denim vest? Or what to wear when you don’t know what to wear? Taylor has videos on her TikTok account that bear the solution to all these inquiries and more. Enter with caution, though, as her videos just might make you add a few new items to your Aritzia cart.

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