Fall Favorites For The Fashion-Forward Student

With Halloween now fading in our minds and Thanksgiving almost here, it's safe to say we are firmly in Fall territory with Winter fast approaching. For many young college students, this means breaking out the sweats and the coffee in an effort to keep warm and motivated. My personal philosophy, however, is that a great outfit is a step closer to confidence, and confidence is key to getting things done. Here are a few suggestions for how to stay cosy and cool this midterm season.Stock up on the denim. A sherpa-lined denim jacket like the one above is perfect for a staying warm on cooler evenings while walking back from class. Alternatively, an oversized denim jacket like this one paired with a graphic tee gives off a more casual vibe that will never go out of style. 

For an alternate outer layer, faux leather jackets like the one below are very popular and make any outfit look a little more chic.

The layer underneath is also crucial, and for this, I recommend a turtleneck like the one pictured above or the one pictured below. A pop of color is often a good idea on an otherwise long and dreary day, so try to have some statement pieces in your closet that can pair with other, more everyday items. Other examples include a skirt or statement coat - pieces that can be worked into an everyday wardrobe though the items themselves may stand out. A similar skirt to the one below can be found here, and similar coats include this gorgeous blue piece and this long pink one. Just make sure to tie the pieces in with the rest of the outfit by wearing another piece that incorporates the color, like a scarf or some jewellery. 

An alternative coat option is a teddy bear jacket, which has been very popular in the last couple of years. One sustainable option is available here but keep in mind that all of these items can be thrifted as this is the source of many of the pieces pictured, including the one below.

Sustainable fashion is an increasingly popular subject and rightly so as buying second-hand is much more eco-friendly than buying new items. So check out your local thrift store for similar items as mentioned above, and remember to check out the men’s section as well - you never know where you’ll find some gems. 

P.S. Thanks to my wonderful (and fashionable) friends who agreed to be photographed for this article.