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We probably all have a Taylor Swift album we resonate with the most. On some days, we might see ourselves in folklore, and on a rainy autumn day, we might find ourselves in Red (Taylor’s Version). Each of Swift’s albums evokes certain personhood. That’s why I’ve matched each of her albums with a female lead from a popular TV show we’ve all binged at one point or another. 

  1. Debut: Anne with an E

Anne with an E, the titular character of Netflix’s adaptation of L.M. Montgomery’s series Anne of Green Gables has the youthful spirit that screams debut. The young, wide-eyed Anne is simply trying to find her place in the world, much like Swift sings about in her debut album.

  1. Fearless: Devi Vishwakumar 

Devi, from Mindy Kaling’s Never Have I Ever, is very much the fearless female lead we all need in our lives. We can’t help but think of Swift’s hit-song Fifteen as Devi quite literally takes a deep breath as she walks through the doors on her first day back at Sherman Oaks High School. 

  1. Speak Now: Belly 

Belly from Jenny Han’s The Summer I Turned Pretty kept us fantasizing about the summer we wish we had. As Belly makes her way to the debutante ball, it’s safe to say her mind forgets to remind her that juggling Jeremiah and Conrad is a bad idea, but we can’t help but be happy for her as she’s swept away by either of them. 

  1. Red: Rory Gilmore

Rory Gilmore from the beloved Gilmore Girls encapsulates everything about Red. From the fall girl aesthetic to the heartbreaking ballads, the album touches on each part of Rory’s journey throughout the show. 

  1. 1989: Blair Waldorf 

Who embodies 1989 if not Gossip Girl’s biggest it-girl, Blair Waldorf? It’s effortless to imagine her blasting Welcome to New York in her earbuds as she eats lunch on the steps of The Met. 

  1. reputation: Maddie Perez

After her boyfriend cheats on her with her best friend, Maddie from HBO’s hit series euphoria gives a new meaning to what it means to be in your reputation era. As she exacts her revenge, it’s safe to say that she did something bad. 

  1. Lover: Jane Villanueva

Jane from the CW’s Jane the Virgin has a complicated love life, but that’s not to say that her romances are anything far from true love. Whether you’re team Michael or team Raphael, I think we can agree that Jane’s lover is out there.

  1. folklore: Max Mayfield 

Riding on her skateboard, Stranger Things’ Max Mayfield is every song wrapped up in one. As she spends her time after school trying to save the world, we can hear her dreams and fears reflected on each track.

  1. evermore: Frances

This T. Swift album perfectly encapsulates Sally Rooney’s character Frances from her best-selling novel (now Hulu series) Conversations with Friends. After a sneaky affair with a married man and a major falling out with her best friend, evermore could easily be the soundtrack to France’s life.

10. Midnights: I guess only time will tell, but there is surely a list of contenders with the mountain of fan theories already emerging.

Thalia Colarian

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