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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Berkeley chapter.

Despite there always being something happening at Berkeley, my favorite aspect of being at school is the mundane things that occur on a daily basis. The little things from my day to day life became my favorite parts of the week. Hearing about the crazy stories that show up on the Citizen app and UC Berkeley WarnMe emails, I’ve learned to appreciate the little things that happen. 

Not being a morning person, I dreaded taking early classes this semester. It was too early in the morning to depart from my warm bed, and I wanted to stay out of the cold. But as weeks went by, I’ve learned to appreciate the quiet morning walks to class. There’s something so peaceful about walking to campus while listening to my favorite morning playlist and seeing a squirrel or two on the way. Even as I stay on campus throughout the day, I find myself enjoying people-watching, running into friends on campus, and appreciating the buildings. 

While going to a coffee shop to study is a norm here, it’s something I look forward to. When I think about my long list of to-dos, ordering an iced matcha latte and sitting down in a cafe always gives me the motivation to start. I love being able to find my own cozy spot in a cafe and start working while listening to my study music. I can take out my sketchbook and observe the other people around me whenever I want to take a break. Despite doing mundane tasks such as work and school, going to a coffee shop always makes the experience better. 

In my apartment, there’s an amazing view of the Bay Area and bridge. My favorite part of my apartment is the sunset views that to me are breathtaking every time. Even on cloudy days, I love looking through the window and seeing the water and, on a good day, the bridge. Some of the best views of the sky I have seen have been inside my apartment. Looking out the window everyday gives me a sense of calm and peace as I can watch the sunset. 

One of my favorite things to do recently is sit on the couch in my apartment and watch a movie. Especially after a long day, watching a movie or TV show has become my favorite way to wind down and relax. Watching movies ranging from Poor Things to Superbad, I love being able to sit down and enjoy a movie. While something I do regularly, watching a movie or show when I return to my apartment becomes something I often look forward to. I get excited whenever I can add a new review to my Letterbox and document my recent watches. 

Recently, the days have felt long, but the semester is passing by so quickly that I often think about the mundane everyday tasks. I’ve learned to appreciate the small things that I know I will miss once I graduate. Whether it be early walks to class blasting music in my ear or looking out the window to enjoy the sunset, the mundane everyday things are what I will remember most from this year. 

Melanie Wu

UC Berkeley '25

Melanie Wu is a second-year studying Media Studies with a Rhetoric Minor. She has an interest in writing and art. In the future, she hopes to work within marketing, communications, and PR.