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Dress Breaks the Internet

The most commonly asked question this week is, “Do you see this dress (to the left) as white and gold, or blue and black?” I’ve pushed the screen of my laptop back and forth and upside down hopelessly trying to see what the rest of my family and friends see, but all I see is definite blue and black. “Are they trolling me?” I kept questioning myself last night before I realized that this was an internet-wide debate. Like an optical illusion, the colors of this dress depend on what you focus on. I’ve been told to stare at the lightest parts of the dress to see the gold version, which I personally think would be cuter. However, this technique has yet to work for me. For now, I’ll be able to sleep knowing that the dress on the right shows the dress’ true colors: blue and black.


Gabriella Cohen-Herrera is an undergraduate Junior at UC Berkeley majoring in Sociology and minoring in English and Disability Studies. She is passionate about being an advocate for marginalized groups through her writings and by ultimately becoming a Disability Rights and Medical Malpractice attorney. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, playing soccer, trying new foods, and learning about various cultures. 
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