Don't Deny Dreamers

As I lay in my bed, sick to my core, I can’t help but reflect on a rollercoaster week. It’s just the first few weeks of college, and I already feel like it’s been a decade, AND THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! In all seriousness, I want to talk about DACA and how disheartened I am to see it rescinded under the Trump administration. Born and raised in Taiwan, since I was a little girl, I couldn’t imagine receiving college education anywhere else besides America because everyone in my family went to America in pursuit of a higher education. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals grant children all over the globe who didn’t have a chance besides coming to America for a better future, whatever the mean was. Education is everyone’s chance to start fresh or start again. Education was always my way of finding who I am. It gave me an opportunity to test out what I like and what I don’t like. Moreover, it kept me grounded. I would imagine this is what education is like for all the kids around the world and in America. I was one of the lucky ones that got to receive education here in America. I hope there are a lot more as lucky as I am. Children are our future, and I can’t imagine a world where they are denied of a better education and sent back to fend for themselves.

I promised a beautiful view from my room, so here’s another one!

You’ll probably never see this, but if you are someone who never felt accepted in this country or never felt like you belonged here, I hope this message reaches to you: You are so deserving of every bit of life like the rest of us.