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It’s 11:30 p.m. on October 31st


In the dead quiet of the street, 


There lies perfectly lined up suburban houses 


Craftily decorated with synthetic spider webs 


and stock-still animatronics.


Lights are off and candy is hiding safely in drawers,


Children hiding safely under their covers


The spirit subsides, yielding fatigue


Their mellow breaths, heart rate slowing


They’re the lucky ones.


They’ll wake up tomorrow and relish in the sweet November chill


Swap candy corn for cornucopias 


The others aren’t so fortunate.


It’s precisely at this time at night


Where these specters get to enjoy the only fun they have all year


Yes, this time of the night is especially exciting for those lost ones


They rally under the moon right until the last waning seconds of the night


Yelping and screaming in euphoria, bounding up and down their captured home


On a mission, scraping underneath the dirtiest recesses and corners


To find any leftovers


Hungry, desperate, enraptured


Hurry, hurry, they haven’t got much time


The forgotten ones, the ones who got lost, 


The ones whose efforts were futile


And the ones who weren’t smart enough to know


That Halloween is theirs, after all.


So next time you’re safe and sound inside


The warmth of the house overwhelming the chaos of the night


Just know that in the morning, they will be gone


And you can enjoy all the pleasures of the new holiday


But they will be stronger, bigger


And greedier


Come next year,


You may not be so lucky.


Natalie Hyman

UC Berkeley '21

I'm a Senior at UC Berkeley with a passion for writing and creativity. I enjoy film and television, health and wellness, and friends! I hope to spread awareness through my writing while focusing on the things I truly care about.
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