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Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad,

It was really good to be back last weekend if it was only for a few days. It reminded me that I still have a support system at home if things get tough here. Speaking of, going through this breakup has been really hard, but everyone here has been incredibly kind, offering me advice, consolation, and a surprising amount of ice cream. They’ve helped me feel less lonely, but sometimes it’s hard to avoid when I have the time and space to think about all these big changes. 

I feel like the group of friends I have so far is less a group of people that I’ve been brought together with by default through orientation, and more like people I have a genuine connection with and want to stay close with. First, I lucked out with my roommates–they’re super funny, respectful, and fun to live with. I have a group that I really like, and the best two friends that I have both basically have my exact sense of humor which is great. I always have someone to go to dinner or walk to classes with, and more importantly, someone to give me company when I’m lonely. Obviously sometimes I need to be alone to unwind and figure things out and organize myself, but it’s nice to know they’re there. One has been particularly helpful in helping me and giving me relationship/breakup advice, as well as being a primary ice cream provider. Everyone has promised to take me out to party my heart out, when I’m ready, of course. For now I’ll be having chill nights in, catching up on a lot of work.

Aside from the literal hundreds of pages of reading I have to catch up on (I have yet to discover an effective/efficient way of taking notes for super dense philosophical readings), I’m really enjoying all my classes and definitely do not hate or even dislike any of my professors. In particular, I find Poly Sci and Environmental Sci lectures super interesting and I think they’re both taking the classes in interesting directions, because they’re obviously both really broad topics. I’ve had a lot of homework, like I said, but I’ve also found time for other activities and a sufficient amount of rest (so far).

Oddly enough, despite how obviously time-consuming my classes are, it doesn’t really feel like it is the center point of my experience so far. Berkeley has done a good job organizing enough events to introduce clubs to students, so I feel like I’ve discovered at least a majority, if not all, of the clubs and opportunities available to me. There’s tons of music groups I can join like a student-run big band and Cal Band, as well as pit orchestras for musicals. I also signed up for other more academic clubs. There’s a few consulting clubs that I don’t really know what they are but it feels good having applied. There’s a robotics club that focuses on aerial vehicles which seems interesting, and a club called CalSol that’s working on their (not first) model of a 100% solar-powered car! There’s philanthropy clubs and a club that helps first-generation college-applying students with their applications. Basically this whole week has been crazy balancing school and club meetings and trying to figure out which ones I can really thrive in.

I can’t really think of anything else at the moment . . . but know that I’m having an overall positive experience and I’m coping with my particular loneliness/loss as best I can and with a lot of support. I’m listening to lots and lots of jazz, of course, indulging in comfort food and Netflix mini-binges, and talking to friends from home as well as making a lot of new random friends in random places bonding over random things. 

I miss you guys so much, and I would not mind at all if you guys came up as much as possible. Love you so much. 

    Love, Your Beloved Child

Sala T

UC Berkeley

Sala is a freshman at UC Berkeley in the College of Letters and Science, and a rookie writer for Her Campus.
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