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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Berkeley chapter.

Being delusional is fine.

it is especially not to be worried about, 

when it is grand and absurd;

winning the lottery, 

becoming a celeb with a private jet, 

traveling to every country around the world. 

it is safe to wonder about these, because deep down we know it is never going to happen 

and so few people have shown that these can really happen. 

but delusions are dangerous, 

when the things we long for are so intimate;

to wish for everyone you love’s well-being, to have feelings returned, to have your hard work actually bring about something bigger, 

to cry less and laugh longer,   

to wish that you can always stare carelessly at the creases around his eyes that appear when he smiles.

in the end, 

people are hopeful and optimistic, 

when our wishes are right in front of us

we reach for it. 

we try so hard 

to reach for it. 

but not every wish comes true. 

and those that do not, 

Become delusions. 

Emily Lin

UC Berkeley '25

Emily Lin is a third-year at UC Berkeley studying Political Science and Business Administration. In her free time, she enjoys watching old movies and trying new recipe. Emily is also a passionate advocate for women's rights, a Taiwanese-American, and an infp Sagittarius.