“I want to be a filmmaker.” I couldn’t even say this very simple sentence ten weeks ago. I still remember at the end of senior year, my friend asked me, “So, what are you gonna study in college?” I said “I don’t know.” She continued to ask, “What are you interested in though?” I answered under my breath, “film?” I couldn’t even say film with a normal tone and without a little shrug at the end. I never really thought I could study film in college, let alone pursue it as a career. I love films. It seems like an interesting place to work. But, am I really ready for all the craziness in that industry?

They say a community gives you comfort. And that is no joke. I don’t exactly have my own social group, where they are all I hang out with every day. But, I have friends here and there. More importantly, I have a club filled with people who have the same anxieties and concerns as I do. BCEC (Short for Business Careers in Entertainment Club) completely saved my life here at Berkeley. I was getting so emotional and anxious about my time here about a few weeks ago because everything seemed to be pointing at other places except for Berkeley. “Did I really choose the right school?” “Do I belong here?” “This place doesn’t have much entertainment-related companies.” “What am I doing?” I was so ready to transfer. Don’t know where, just anywhere but Berkeley. I don’t like the classes I’m taking here. I don’t like the film curriculum here. I don’t like what the future looks like right now. So, why am I still here? I have no idea. But, after reaching out to people in the club, I just realized I could never leave this place. I have never met more supportive people than the ones I got to be friends with in BCEC. They took me in with open arms. They said “What do you want to do in the future?” I said, “film.” They said “YAY!” Sometimes, it’s not even the blatant, overt expression of disapproval. Most of the time, what hurts your dream the most is a “Really?” after saying “I want to do film.” I’m looking for film internships right now, talking to professionals in the industry, reaching out to people who have already dipped their toes in the industry. This all seems pretty standard, but I can guarantee you, ten weeks ago, I would never have fathomed this for myself. I owe a ton to BCEC, but I think what’s more important is - look for communities that you’re interested in, even if they can seem intimidating at first, because you never know what kind of confidence booster you can find within the community. In an area where entertainment and certainly film are not the most prominent, be sure to reach out and find help. It’s very easy to get lost in this big school. But help is all around you. You just got to take that first step in reaching out. The rest is history.