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Classes at RSF Helping Me Get That Summer Bod

Summer is approaching. That means swimsuits, parties, festivals and concerts. Which also means this is the time of year people are rushing to the gym to get their “summer bod” on.

I too find myself rushing to the gym because I am also hoping to get in shape for the summer. However, I am doing so with the intentions of staying healthy and continuously going to the gym… even after summer.


Unfortunately, I had no idea how hard this was going to be. Starting this whole new healthy lifestyle right before finals probably wasn’t the best idea. As I’m always rushing out the door, staying up late studying and hanging out with my friends who want to go eat fast-food, tacos and pizza all the time, trying to eat healthy is harder than ever.


So once I get over the first difficult step: not giving into temptation, I challenge myself to workout everyday (or most days of the week). My gym routine consists of the basics, the treadmill, the elliptical, stairmaster, etc. However, I try to incorporate different classes at RSF into my schedule at least 2 or 3 times a week.


  1. I’ve tried the HIIT class which I have to say I love and hate. It’s great because it’s a full body workout, hitting every spot on your body you can think of to whip you into shape. I hate it because it leaves me sore in places I’ve never even felt before, but I guess that’s not necessarily a bad thing when trying to get fit.

  2. I’ve also tried the Pure Strength class at RSF. This is another one of my favorites because it’s the only time I actually lift weights at the gym. I didn’t use to know how to lift weights properly but after attending this class I have a much better understanding, and it helps me get a different kind of exercise in.

  3. Now the cycle class. Probably the hardest class I’ve taken and most intimidating. They say that cycling classes are a great way to burn fat and really tone your body so of course I tried it. It was an intense workout to say the least and made me sweat like crazy so I see how beneficial it could be. But I have to say the seats hurt my butt so bad I don’t know if could ever do it again. Not only that, the class takes place in a dark room and each bike has a light that shows what level of intensity you’re at. So while I was in green the whole time, everyone else was in red.

  4. Stronger, a class aimed to increase your strength and endurance that made me feel everything but strong at the time. It was however a fun workout that included exercises with partners so going with a friend or roommate would be a good idea. The class also included a lot of kicking. So if you like to kick or just need a way to let your anger your during this finals season, this is the class for you!


Now I have been to more classes than just these four, but these are the ones I found to be the best all around workout. These are classes I definitely recommend and see how they could be great options if you are wanting to lose weight, tone up or just looking for a different kind of workout. However, RSF offers many different classes and they incorporate fun ones every now and then like the Beyonce dance class, so be on the lookout!

Arianna Ruiz

UC Berkeley '19

I am a graduating senior at UC Berkeley majoring in Media Studies. I'm passionate about journalism, and interested in both print and broadcast. I enjoy music festivals, Disneyland and binge watching my favorite movies/Netflix shows.
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