Child Star Alumnus, Alex D. Linz

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Name: Alex D. Linz
Year: Alumni
Claim to fame: Child Actor

While his name may not seem familiar, you can remember him as Alex Pruitt, the cutie from Home Alone 3 or the star of Max Keeble’s Big Move. Alex D. Linz is currently a young adult who is simply living the dream. Some consider him a child prodigy, others purely an actor. Linz attended UC Berkeley in the years 2008-2011 concentrating on science and technology. He once graced the halls of our buildings and explored our campus with eager eyes.

Mr. Linz got his start in the world of acting when, at age 4, he asked his mother to appear in TV commercials. When he was 8, he turned things up a notch. He gave Macaulay Culkin the boot and took over as the lead role in Home Alone 3. Then he took a few years off to stay humble and when he was 12, he made major moves. He killed it as the lead in Max Keeble’s Big Move. Alex D. Linz had officially made a name for himself. He bounced around again for a few years, doing minor roles to keep up appearances but has been out of the acting game since 2007.

He enrolled at UC Berkeley in 2008 and became a member of the improv and sketch comedy group, jericho!. According to Linz’s Facebook page, he currently resides in Berkeley. So the question now is when will Alex D. Linz return to the big screen?

Here is a video of Alex Linz performing in Jericho!

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