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Careeranista: The Woman’s Guide to Success After College

We love to discover new books and apps to share with you all. This week we came across an exciting new book titled,  Careeranista: The Woman’s Guide to Success After CollegeWritten by Chaz Pitts Kyser, Careeranista​’s main goal is to put women on a clear path to professional success. Despite the obstacles they may face, Kyser’s focus with this book is to help women better navigate the path from college grad to savvy, sophisticated professional.

The book is composed of 32-chapters that range from job searching to building a positive professional image. What makes Careeranista so unique and different is that this career guide is specifically written for women and it covers topics that many other career-related guides ignore. For example, one of our favorite chapters is “Battling Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment,” which takes a deeper look into this issue that many still see as a taboo. 

You can now purchase Careeranista: The Woman’s Guide to Success After College for only $15.95 through Careeranista.com. The book and ebooks can also be purchased through Amazon.com and Nook.com. Lastly, we want to share with you the career website: Careeranista.com, which has recently launched that offers women information and products to aid them in crafting a fulfilling work life.

“Careeranista should be required reading for all young women. The book is full of practical advice, useful tools, and real-life examples of how to survive and thrive in today’s competitive work environment.”—Julie Furst-Bowe, Chancellor, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

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