Captain Marvel: Just How Marvelous Was the Movie?

Once again, the film world has been hit with another Marvel movie. As an individual who does not credit herself to be emotionally invested in the superhero scene, I wanted to take an unbiased perspective on the movie itself, rather than solely focusing on the hype that often accompanies most Marvel movies. Just in case you are looking forward to watching this movie, the brief review below will not contain any spoilers. 


The movie is one that is played by Brie Larson, who represents the role with just the right amount of cheekiness and boldness. With that in mind, the movie was lacking in several areas. While the plot itself is interesting and keeps the audience engaged to a degree, for a large portion of the audience, it may have been a little too predictable. Despite the occassional surprises within the plot, it is definitely not a movie that keeps individuals on their toes. There are several moments that are supposed to peak in intensity but fall slightly flatter than intended.


As for the moments that are intended to pull on our heartstrings, those also were unable to live up to its full capacity. While I easily tear up at most sad cinematic scenes, I noticed that there was not a single scene in the movie that truly moved me to tears. While there were opportunities within the plot to create a scene as such, the heartwarming scenes and emotional scenes seemed oddly surface level in comparison to what is seen in rivalry DC movies such as Wonder Woman.


Besides these two factors that affected the level of aftermath interest I had in the movie, the film played out the decent purpose of pure entertainment. The galaxy visualizations were stellar, the actors did quite a commendable job, and there were several great classic music tracks that played throughout the movie soundtraack. All in all, I would recommend watching Captain Marvel with medium expectations and the acknowledgment that while this may not be the best Marvel production, it satisfies the superhero action-movies that we all crave on occassion.