Campus Cutie: Adalina Igriegas

Name: Adalina Igriegas  

Age: 19

Academic year: Freshman

                                                                           Adalina competing at her university's ballroom dance competition. 

Hometown: Irvine, CA

Major: Spanish (Iberian Language and Literature) and a minor Linguistics

Relationship status: Single

Gender/sexual orientation: Female, straight

What makes you different from girls your age?

I feel that I am much older than I am. I am looking for a serious relationship that has the potential to develop into a marriage.

What characteristics do you look for in a significant other?

*For a potential husband

1) Someone who loves me and takes care of me        

2) Good communication between the two of us

3) Financial balance between us, but he is willing to spend money for me

4) ENFJ or ENFP, Scorpio (best) or Cancer, Chinese zodiac: mouse, dragon, monkey (maybe pig and ox)

5) At least 8 years older than me

*For short-term relationships

1) Curly hair, oval face

2) Spanish origin+dark (brown) hair+brown eyes+autumn color palette; English or Northern European+/(light or dark) brown hair+blue eyes+ winter or spring color palette

3) About my dad’s height (5’ 11’’) – 6’ 2”

4) Flexible job with stable income, not too busy; likes kids and pets

5) Can cook, sing, dance, play instruments; can do water or winter sports

What is your ideal first date?

I’ve never had one. I would want to go to a really nice Italian restaurant and eat a lot. Then, we would go see a movie with a happy ending. After the movie, we can walk around the in the city or go shopping if it’s at night. If it is during the daytime, we can go to a park, beach, or mountain. Later, we can hang out at each other’s place and chat while eating dessert or drinking tea. Hopefully, we will talk for a long time and play Plants vs. Zombies.

What’s the biggest turn off in a person?

I don’t like when someone gets stressed about money and keeps complaining about it. I don’t like it when the guy takes things for granted, doesn’t appreciate what I do for him, and orders me around.

                                                                                Adalina's graduation with her best friend

Who is (are) your celebrity crush?

1) Paul Bettany

2) Alan Rickman

3) Tom Hiddleston

4) James McAvoy

5) Jean Dujardin

6) Aitor Luna

7) Johnny Depp

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

A lot of things… Some words that describe me are idealistic, intuitive, sensitive, spontaneous, creative, problem-solving, and positive. I am INFP, Cancer and mouse zodiacs. Favorite color: blue, favorite season: autumn; I have an autumn color palette.

What are some of your favorite foods?

Italian, American (esp. hamburgers), Japanese, dim sum, German, Mexican, Thai.

What are some of your hobbies?

Sleeping, napping, ceramics, learning languages, food, singing, ballroom dancing, acting, reading about relationships or zodiacs, watching movies, going to the beach, walking outside, thinking about my future husband everyday

Do you have anyone special in mind right now?