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Bye 2020 / Hello 2021 / Some Haikus for You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Berkeley chapter.

Thank you for reading

I wanted to write one poem

Wrote many instead


Can’t seem to focus

Especially not on school 

Mind occupied by fear


Never been more afraid

Morning of Election Day

Most important yet


Nation divided

Scarf news like never before

Terror has gripped us


Clear lack of justice

It demands your attention

Vote vote vote vote vote


We have the power

To make significant change

Patience, a virtue


Let’s hope these age well… 

My wish for 2-0-2-1?



The year has flown by

Feels like March has just begun

No chance for do-over?


A cough or a sneeze

Nothing can go unnoticed

A hug or handshake


A year without death?

A year without violence?

A year without hate?

Sydney Segal

UC Berkeley '23

Sydney Segal is a 3-year member of Her Campus at Berkeley, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies with minors in Journalism and Spanish language, literature & culture. She is currently an editorial assistant for Marin Living magazine and a returning intern for CNBC’s Social Media team.
Samhita Sen

UC Berkeley '21

Samhita (she/her pronouns) graduated in December 2021 from UC Berkeley with a double major in Communication/Media Studies and Sociology. At any given moment, she may be frantically writing an essay, carelessly procrastinating by watching Claire Saffitz on YouTube or spending time with people she loves.