The Bachelor's Iconic Corinne Olympios Releases 'Team Corn' Apparel Line


Anyone who has watched this year’s season of The Bachelor on ABC is surely familiar with the 24-year-old business owner from Miami, Florida, Corinne Olympios. Those of you who are would be happy to hear that Corinne just released, on April 4th, her very own apparel line, which she very aptly named “Team Corn”. You can check it out here:


The store features tanks, short-sleeve shirts, long-sleeve shirts, and caps that are emblazoned with Corinne’s most iconic catchphrases, from “Platinum Vagine” to “Dude, I Need Sushi” to “I Need a Raquel” (referencing her infamous nanny). She even parodies Kanye West’s “I Feel Like Pablo” design, replacing the words with “I Feel Like Corn”. Not to mention, her store also sells “Make America Corinne Again” shirts and caps. 



Corinne gained a controversial status as the show’s “villain” after interrupting 4 girl’s dates, being very forward with the bachelor Nick Viall, stripping naked several times, and confronting the other girls for talking about her behind her back. But while her fellow contestants may not have liked her actions, Corinne acquired a significant fan-following due to her carefree approach and hilariously memorable moments. 


After getting kicked off the show two episodes before the finale, Corinne took the opportunity to use her sense of humor and popularity to her advantage, calling on her fans to join “Team Corn”. The reference is to a quote of hers during the season, when she said, "I'm a corn husk. You gotta pull all the layers back and in the middle is this luxury, yellow corn with all these pellets of information. And it's juicy and buttery. You want to get to that corn."


So far, Corinne’s Team Corn line seems to be performing well, with her most recent Instagram post thanking everyone who supported her along the way, and others flocking to Instagram to express their support:


Even though Bachelor season 21 is over, it seems that this reality star is here to stay!




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