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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Berkeley chapter.

To mark the beginning of a new school year, one of the actions I do to keep myself motivated for the upcoming months is setting goals. One method I use for goal setting is creating a vision board. This is a collection of images that showcase goals, positive affirmations and motivational images that are a visual representation of the life that you want to live.

Vision boards can be presented both physically and digitally. In order to create a physical vision board, you can cut pictures from one of your favorite magazines or that you have printed from online. These images can feature your dream career, hobbies you wish to start, or even future events that you are looking forward to. Then, you can arrange these images together on a poster board and display it in your room where you can look at it everyday.

Personally, I make a digital vision board with the website The Landing and collect my pictures from online platforms, such as Pinterest. I enjoy using The Landing because it comes with cute details, such as stickers and designs, that you can add to your vision board to give it some more sparkle! Finally, I make my vision board my wallpaper on my laptop so I can look at it everyday and remember what I am working towards.

Not only is making a vision board fun, it can help put into perspective the life that you would like to live. Using a vision board has allowed me to recognize what I value in life and inspires me to continue working towards my goals. I can make a new vision board for any occasion, such as a new month, year or special occasion, and have an entire collection of special boards to look back on!