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Sometimes skincare products are worth the splurge, and other times, they’re… not. I’ve heard so many beauty gurus on YouTube mention how washing your face with just your hands isn’t exactly the cleanest way to get all the gunk off. So, I finally gave in and purchased the LUNA fofo face cleansing tool by FOREO, which retails for about $90 on Sephora. Here’s what I think:

I’ve been using the LUNA fofo for the past 3 months and it’s a pretty unique tool because it actually connects to an app that notifies you how long you should wash each portion of your face depending on how much dryness it detects. I’m not sure how accurate that feature is, but I found that using the tool through the app can be a bit tedious, because it needs to scan each portion of your face and you also have to use the smartphone to start the tool and the timer. After about a week, I gave up using the LUNA fofo with the app, and just turned it on manually myself.

In terms of how clean it made my skin feel, I personally did not feel a difference or notice my face becoming any clearer. I did, however, notice that it was a bit difficult to get into every corner of my face. It was even a little harsh on my skin, taking out a few of the very little eyebrow hair that I have. I found that it did the same job as a pack of silicone face scrubbers from Amazon. The only difference is that those don’t run electronically nor do they connect to an app. I also discovered that even though it is waterproof, the bottom of the cleansing tool gets dirty with rust really quickly if you don’t dry it off after using it because of the two screws located there.

Overall, do I recommend splurging on a FOREO cleansing tool? No. I personally don’t think it’s worth splurging because you can get the same results by either using your own hands or purchasing dupes, like the silicone face scrubbers, which you can find almost everywhere for much cheaper. If you have the money to splurge, then you can go for it, but I personally don’t think it’s something worth breaking the bank for since I didn’t see a noticeable difference in my skin.

Tiffany Huang

UC Berkeley '22

Tiffany is a fourth year undergraduate at UC Berkeley, pursuing a degree in Media Studies. She holds a passion in writing and loves looking into anything relating to beauty, lifestyle, and pop culture. When Tiffany is not preoccupied by any work, you can typically catch her hanging out with her friends and family or discovering new movies, tv shows, and music to binge. Tiffany is eager about sharing her thoughts on relatable topics that you could possibly resonate with or get a good laugh out of it.
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