7 Horror Movies on Netflix You Need to See Before Halloween

As the end of October quickly approaches, the season of spook is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by getting terrified to your wits end? With the temperatures around Berkeley dropping for autumn, there is no better feeling than grabbing some friends, getting cozy, and logging into Netflix for a horror movie marathon.  Whether you’re a horror buff with a love of gore or you prefer watching horror films with a pillow over your face, this list will definitely have something for you!


  1. The Babadook: This one’s for those folks that hate blood and violence and everything in between. There is no intense gore, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be terrified. This chilling tale of a single mother and her son’s inability to escape the mysterious “Mister Babadook” will mess with your mind (in a good way) and ultimately scare the pants off you.

  2. It Follows: In a modern film that takes horror to the bedroom, you will never look at being sexiled the same again. After a sexual encounter, one young woman starts getting followed by a supernatural killer, and the worst part is, there is no way to stop it. If you choose to watch, this hair-raising chase will never disappoint.

  3. The Invitation: The Invitation is often overlooked because of its smaller budget and limited release, but it definitely brings chills. Despite a gradual build-up, when a couple’s ordinary dinner party takes a sinister turn, the thrill level gets cranked up to the max.

  4. Saw: Do you want to play a game? With the Saw franchise still expanding today, it’s refreshing to go back to the movie that started it all. Jigsaw, the serial killer who combines death and “playtime,” is full of satisfying violence and bloody visuals.  This film, with its appalling storyline and intense carnage, is not for the weak of stomach. However, it offers psychological thrills and an exciting plot.

  5. Train To Busan: This flick isn’t your average zombie movie. Yes, it has the gore, guts, and blood, but it also has an exciting plot and touching story that will keep you engaged throughout the entire film. Taking place in South Korea, the film centers on a father and daughter duo stuck on a train with a seemingly endless supply of violent and terrifying zombies. Their thrilling fight to stay alive will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last second.

  6. Jaws: This classic horror film will make you never want to swim in the ocean again. EVER. This eerie thriller well-crafted storytelling will leave you glued to your computer screen or TV. It offers compelling terror in a plot about a giant killer shark terrorizing the people of a small town, but it is a lighter movie in terms of bloody gore, so it is one of the milder films on the list!

     7. Little Evil: Okay, so this isn’t technically 100% horror, BUT this netflix-original is a scary comedy that will leave you giggling and screaming . . . at the same time. Adam Scott stars in this flick about a father and his “satanic” step-son. With cheesy one-liners and thrilling action, it is a satisfying mixture of action, terror, and fun. This one is for all off my scaredy-cats!