5 Tips on Reading for Fun

Let’s face it, as busy college students it can be challenging to read for fun, especially with so many classes that have required readings. Not only does schoolwork take the fun out of reading, but it leaves many of us with less time to read for our own pleasure. If you find yourself wanting to read a book for fun but just can’t fit it into your schedule, read on for some helpful tips. You are bound to become an avid reader by the time this semester is over!

#1: Pick a book that you are genuinely interested in.

One of the reasons why it can be hard to read for fun is that you’re not choosing books that you find interesting. Maybe you start a book but quickly realize that it’s not for you. The good news is that even if you find a particular book boring, there is an endless amount of books out there waiting to be read. After all, while some books may have their similarities, no two books are the same. To avoid falling into the trap of giving up on a book, pick one that sounds very appealing to you. I highly recommend checking out Goodreads (please sponsor me), where you can browse books by genre, read book reviews, and get recommendations based on books that you have already read. I also recommend checking out the several book communities on social media, such as BookTube or BookTok, where you’ll find so many amazing book lovers recommending their favorites. 

#2: Form a book club with friends.

group of people studying and reading at a kitchen table

I can’t think of a better way to read for fun than by doing it with friends! By picking out a book and taking time to discuss it together, it will be impossible to not stick to reading. Depending on the book you read, you can all fangirl, cry, or experience a new world together. 

#3: Start or end your day with a book.

Ditch using your phone first thing in the morning or right before you go to sleep and read a book instead. If you are like me and mindlessly scroll through social media, immersing yourself in a new world through a book will do wonders. Put your book right by your bed and set aside half an hour (or whatever seems right to you) just for reading. Reading with a lamp turned on in bed is a great method of self-care! By adding a book to your daily routine, you'll be reading for fun just about every day in no time.

#4: Procrastinate by reading.

Woman reading a book in bed

If you are a procrastinator, reading for fun is a great way to continue procrastinating! (Just make sure to eventually put aside what you’re reading and complete your tasks.) Read a couple of chapters (or more) before starting your work. Something that I enjoy doing is reading while taking breaks from schoolwork, especially if I’m working on a long assignment that isn’t due the following day.  

#5: Set a reading goal.

While setting a reading goal is helpful in challenging yourself to read more, it could potentially make reading seem like just another task to complete. If you feel like this would not be the case for you, then I suggest creating a reading goal on Goodreads. Goodreads allows users to make a yearly reading goal and is a great way to keep track of the books you’ve read. Unfortunately, Goodreads only allows annual goals, but having a weekly or monthly goal is a great way to keep up with shorter-term reading objectives. Maybe you want to finish reading one book every week or two books every month. Whatever it may be, don’t feel pressured to stick to it.