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When you’re working out, do you listen to the same music every time? If so, do you want to spice up your workout playlist with some amazing music from latinx/hispanic artists? Below you’ll find amazing songs from incredible rising latinx/hispanic artists. These artists have music that’ll keep your heartbeat pumping during your workout!  

1. Bizarrap

The Argentine DJ and record producer, Bizarrap, specializes in EDM, Latin trap, and rap. His hit single with Quevedo that was released in 2022 has over one billion streams on Spotify. Another hit single that made him even more popular was his song with Shakira that was released in 2023. This song was No. 1 on all global music charts. If you love listening to David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Zedd, and others while working out, you’ll definitely want to add some music from Bizarrap to your workout playlist. 

Here’s a few of his songs that I have on my workout playlist: 

  • “Rauw Alejandro: Bzrp Music Sessions, 56”
  • “Peso Pluma: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 55”
  • “Quevedo: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52”
  • “Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53”

2. Tokischa

The Dominican rapper and songwriter, Tokischa, produces trap, rap, hip hop, and latin urbano music. Although her discography is small, she still has plenty of amazing songs that’ll pump up your workout session. If you listen to very well known artists such as Bad Bunny, Cardi B, or just love rap mixed with an EDM beat, you should consider Tokischa for your workout playlist! 

Here’s a few songs that she released or is featured in that are on my workout playlist:

  • “Linda” ft. Rosalía
  • “Singamo” ft. Yomel El Meloso, Paulus Music, Leo RD
  • “Chulo pt.2” by Bad Gyal ft. Tokischa, Young Miko
  • “La Combi Versace” by Rosalía ft. Tokischa  

3. peso pluma

The Mexican musician and singer, Peso Pluma, produces a variety of genres such as regional Mexican, corridos rap, trap, tumbados, and even reggaeton. His hit collaborations with Natanael Ceno helped him gain many listeners. However, his collaboration with Elsabon Aramado in “Ella Baila Sola” and Yng Lvcas in “La Bebe” made him reach the top of many global music charts. Trust me, his music gets your heartbeat going! 

Here’s a few songs that he released and or is featured in that are on my workout playlist:

  • “Lady Gaga” ft. Gabito ballesteros, Junior H
  • Quema by Ryan Castro, Peso Pluma, SOG
  • Qlona by Karol G ft. Peso Pluma
  • Plebada by El Alfa ft. Peso Pluma 

4. anitta

The Brazilian singer and songwriter, Anitta, specializes in pop, Carioca funk, and reggaeton. She became known for her hit single, “Envolver,” which became a dance challenge on Tiktok. She recently released a three track record that expresses the Brazilian funk genre. Her music isn’t only in Spanish, but she includes English and Portuguese as well. If your workout focuses on the upper body, definitely play some music from Anitta! 

Here’s a few of her songs that I have on my workout playlist: 

  • “Envolver”
  • “Funk Rave”
  • “Downtown” ft. J Balvin
  • “Used to Be”

5. quevedo

The Spanish rapper and singer, Quevedo, has music that falls under the reggaeton, trap, and pop rap genre. His hit song with Bizarrap, as mentioned above, gained him popularity and many listeners. In January 2023, he debuted his first studio album Donde Quiero Estar and is definitely worth the listen. 

Here’s a few of his songs that I have on my workout playlist: 

  • “Punto G”
  • “Vista Al Mar”
  • “Sin Señal ft Ovy On The Drums”
  • “Playa Del Inglés” ft. Myke Towers
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